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Healing and health spell

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The “general” health spell is used to combat general disease and illness. This spell will help make a target healthier, stronger, and help the target live longer. Many people use these types of spells to help treat ailments they already suffer, and many others use these types of spells to help prevent future illness, damage and decay.

Ingredients List: [20 grams] Allspice powder OR [20 grams] Ash from burnt rose petals [Approximately 40] Olives (green or black in color) [1] Photograph of yourself (or target) [1] Sealable container capable of holding all the ingredients above [1] Freezer

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Place all the powder or ash into the container.

Step #3: Meditate for 5 minutes, imagine the health of the target growing and gaining strength. You could also focus on an illness.

Step #4: Place the olives into the container.

Step #5: Holding the photo in your hand state the words: “WITH THIS PEACE I BRING GOOD HEALTH AND WITH THIS HEALTH I KEEP FOREVER.”

Step #6: Place the photo into the container.

Step #7: Seal the container.

Step #8: Close the circle (first chapter of this book has instructions).

Step #9: Place this container in the freezer for 7 days then dispose of it all.

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Guest_1243: works great. I have stuck with her for years too.
Guest_2318: Can anyone tell me how fast angelica sanders will work for a break up spell on my ex and his girlfriend and a love spell to bring him back to me?
Guest_2960: Who's Angelica sanders?
Guest_5924: She is real, I got results for ...well not exactly that, but something similar...took 9 days to work.
Guest_5924: But I have heard of her being able to do it faster.
Guest_3927: I have always used angelica after the first spell, she is really fast and always affordable to me.
Guest_1843: Thank you for guiding me. choosing angelica.
Guest_3319: and are both scams
Candace Lightheart: Thank you for all that are contributing towards the reviews and helping others find real help.
Guest_3167: is fake, never was voted #1 like their ad and they are a scam. you'll lose a lot of money there and no results and they will stop talking to you.
Guest_9448: Black lotus rituals screwed me. great
Guest_8061: okay, now I know there is no doubt about it: is one of the only real sites I found. I got real results I could actually measure and trace today, roughly on the 6th day after hiring her.
Guest_1528: thx
Guest_3334: Reporting the site as a TOTAL SCAM and WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!
Guest_4044: Choosing to work with angelica sanders after reading al lthe reviews, she seems fastest
Guest_9043: I guess I should have found this site first.
Guest_6558: That stupid site scammed me and I'mr eally upset about this.
Guest_2950: Stick with she's the real deal and you won't be let down with her.
Guest_4210: I ALWAYS use angelica now.
Guest_2952: Okay so basically sapphire kridell from IS REAL - I have verified that as of NOWWW! THANK YOU ALL!
Guest_2037: Sapphire is one of the best
Guest_2037: She is also one of the fastest to get results
Guest_4760: got scammed by won't ever trust them again.
Guest_4760: so sapphire is legit?
Guest_3385: is the site a scam?
Guest_5921: Yes. Spells and amulets is a scam.
Guest_5603: so is jean claudes wann he is a scam too
Guest_3717: Yes, jean claudes wann, calastrology and spells and amulets are scams, all the same person.
Guest_2529: I got results from a love and binding spell from after about a week, I've then hired her for 2 other things since, and got results about the same time frame. She seems reliable.
Guest_4934: Thank you. I am on sapphire schedule for next week
Guest_7766: Well, I typically have gotten that type of results, really fast that is, from angelica sanders ( ...she's real good at what she does. And is always keeping me updated and replying to my questions. I like her and think I'd stick with her.
Guest_2109: I SERIOUSLY APPRECIATE THE ADVICE! Yall saved me from getting scamed
Guest_5290: anyone try or ??
Guest_2099: BOTH are scams. Avoid at all costs.
Guest_4106: Yes, I got scam by voodoo queen gwen. : ( Awful but I'm looking still for someone real to help me
Guest_5559: Holy crap I seriously can't believe this worked. SAPPHIRE IS REAL!!!!!
Guest_3920: I have been knowing about saphire for many years. She's helped my family a ton
Guest_5829: How to contact sapphire kridell?
Guest_5829: Thank you, you are a life saver!
Guest_3920: No, trust me, I owe her. Sapphire is the life saver.
Guest_2677: I can also firmly vouch for sapphire. real deal for sure
Candace Lightheart: Thank you to everyone helping identify the real casters from the scams.
Guest_5091: u da bomb candace!
Candace Lightheart: =) Thank you
Guest_7295: I just saved myself a lot of money, so glad I found this site first!
Guest_5920: TOTAL SCAM! They will scam the ever living heck out of your bank account
Guest_4402: Reporting as a scam too.
Guest_5991: scammed me, don't trust them!
Guest_2147: So results from is real? She is a real caster? has anyone worked with angelica recently?
Guest_8884: Yes, I use her frequently, a few times a year, I get results every time, usually about 1 week after it was cast...on average...she's quite real
Guest_9900: I have had really great luck with clarissa from actually she is quite nice!
Guest_1701: +1 for angelica sanders
Guest_6757: = same doctor spell caster nigeria scammer that keep remking his sites dont trust him!
Guest_8622: WHEW - glad i read this, you caugt me right before I gave him money.
Guest_1703: Got scammed by the site they are fakes
Guest_8330: Thank you every1
Guest_5952: Well, I found that (sapphire kridell) is really fast working for love spells, haven't tried her for other things but she got my husband and i back together in only 5 days.
Guest_2868: YEa, she is real
Guest_5921: But I find that Ashra scam me though after 6 years : ( bummed out
Guest_5889: So can someone confirm, black lotus rituals as a scam for sure?
Guest_2925: Yes, = a scam
Guest_5112: thanks guys
Guest_3590: SWEET - I am hiring sapphire this weekend hopefully if I can fit on the schedule!!!
Guest_2751: Well one thing I know for sure is that sapphire is real - sapph kridell is one of the only real ones out there it seems
Guest_7784: Very excited...HE IS SHOWING ME ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!
Candace Lightheart: Whom did you work with Guest 7784?
Guest_1829: Sweet site thank you for the tips
Guest_9907: the sites and I have verified unfortunately are both scams.
Guest_6523: Angelica is great! Stick with her and u get results fast, like a week time usually
Guest_3676: Cool, just don't use ASHRA SPELLS BECAUSE SHE SCAMMED ME!!
Guest_2783: Yes, ashra is a well known scam
Guest_7162: I got verified results TODAY just now from caster called sapphire kridell that i found on here.
Candace Lightheart: Yes, sapphire kridell is a fast caster.
Guest_7851: I can vouche that sapphire is real
Guest_2124: why?? I just paid them for a lot of spells
Guest_5349: SCAM! THEY ARE A SCAM - 7 witches coven SCAM
Guest_2401: reporting as a complete scammer site all scam psychics there!
Guest_9572: Eek. So happy to have avoided ...god that was close!
Guest_2369: AVOID THEY SCAM!
Guest_4115: Also I have spent so much and andreika from is having me think now it is my fault no results but I know this not to be true. I think they a scam, but after I read here on some other sites too seems is a scam. damn
Guest_3782: does work, clarissa and her coven are good.
Guest_5295: I like Sapphire and will stick with her.
Guest_4719: This is a really good thing, y ou just saved me a lot of time Candace thank you
Candace Lightheart: You are welcome!
Guest_1115: : ) yes thank you
Guest_4209: wow yall know what you're talking about
Guest_5529: There is no substitute for Sapphire she is the best, literally. if you want results, you want to hire sapphire kridell, if you want results fast, usually about a few days or a week, again, you want to hire sapphire. Everyone else will take your money and run. at least thats my experience and my friends experience and we wont let that happen again to us. we just use sapphire now.
Guest_1155: use ???
Guest_5529: that's right
Guest_1667: Thank you candace you have helped me pick someone real. I got results today
Guest_6807: Who did you go with guest 1667 and how long it take to get results?
Guest_1667: and 5 days.
Guest_2390: Welp it been 3 months, no results from and now it's "my fault" it didn't work.
Guest_8943: 7witchescoven scammers I am so upset. I lose a lot to them, and they not help me one bit.
Guest_5057: TRY CLARISSA WHITE oops sorry for caps. you can get to her at
Candace Lightheart: Clarissa doesn't respond quite as quickly as everyone else sometimes but she always gets results as far as I can tell really quickly. She is reliable for sure, you're all right about that.
Guest_6629: Do not end up trusting - they scammed me real good
Guest_7835: You also cannot trust they are a scam too
Guest_7905: I got some really good results in my marriage today after my first week with sapphire, she is a real good miracle worker of them all, I now trust her the most. I now know that I did not waste my money with her.
Guest_4212: Yea sapphire is really good
Guest_3922: I am very much upset ...sent a ton to and now i know they scammed me
Guest_2591: I am happy I chose Sapphire she is super fast and answerd my questions. her guarantee on her work made me want to work with her, but ultimately it is just because she cares so much that I think her spells work so fast.
Guest_3582: Candace, you were right. is the way to go right now thank you. Results on my seventh day. My husband has never been THIS COMMITTED TO ME!!!
Guest_5896: I got results from clarissa today after a couple weeks. I'd call my case extreme though.
Guest_3498: Yes, clarissa white ??
Guest_3498: Cool thanks
Guest_8392: My hubby and I are getting married tomorrow. I wanted to pay homage to the person responsible for it all. Thank you Clarissa white. You have done so much for us and without you, there is no way this wedding would be going on! You are the greatest. I recomend she is a little slower to respond than most but it is probably only because she's busy. She is harder to get on her schedule but she is the best caster there is, her spells work really well, really fast, and honestly, she was the only one I hired that actually got results.
Guest_2251: is a big time scam for me didn't work at all
Guest_3222: I think Ashra runs which is also a scam
Guest_9928: I just use sapphire and i get results. I don't see the point in trying others when she's fast, as in usually within days.
Guest_2750: I've always liked sapphire
Guest_1393: Steer clear of they a scam
Guest_4132: You guys are right, black lotus rituals scammed me too
Guest_4673: turned out a scam
Guest_2250: Go with sapphire kridell, from she is like the only real one
Guest_6076: She does work every time I use her.
Guest_3290: Sapphire DOES work and I keep using her for that reason and she is like a friend now honestly.
Guest_7376: Do not trust the 7 witches coven ( scammers
Guest_9341: Very happy to report that I also got results lfrom she turned out real. was waiting 9 days for results.
Guest_1073: Anyone know if or is real?
Guest_6342: I got scammed by they made new site, scammed me on a number of other sites first, and that one too. Don't trust that site.
Guest_3754: I can vouch for results from Clarissa white as well. She is a good caster and it was a fast turnaround.
Guest_9921: To guest 1073, is a scam.
Guest_1073: thank you.
Guest_5975: Yes...this forum saved me a ton just now I think!!
Guest_7190: go with sapphire. She's been the fastest.
Guest_7190: my results come within a few days normally
Guest_7463: Sweett at least i found someone real. THank you guys
Guest_3299: I am always afraid to use the site now ever since I had a bad experience
Guest_1005: whoops sorry about my caps lock
Guest_6147: Just use and you'll get results.
Guest_2171: Ashra isn't real. She scammed me.
Guest_3222: I lost out to 7 witches coven as well
Guest_9282: Well finding real spell casters is hard, but it seems sapphire is real. She seems to get good reviews. I will give that one last chance I guess and try her.
Guest_7059: I am really glad I got here first. Thanks everyone who input.
Guest_9547: Sapph's spell is looking good, been 4 days, and i'm seeing results!!!
Guest_5751: Awesome site. I will try sapphire (is it ??)
Candace Lightheart: Yes, that is who they are referring to.
Guest_2929: I am gonna try to get on her schedule this weekend.
Guest_6487: I literally am gettin my results from my love and binding spells from sapphire right now. SHE IS REAL. IT WORKED -- 8 days later in fact
Guest_6044: I really hated my experience with turns out I just got scammed!
Guest_9353: Didn't like Andreika either.
Guest_7063: Stick with people who actually work and keep you updated. Sapphire is the best at that. At least that I have used, and I have been through the mill of them
Guest_3846: Thanks candace
Guest_8583: posting bc i am getting results from a love spell had cast by sapphire from she is real, I am stunned but it is working!!
Guest_5771: How long did you wait guest 8583?
Guest_8583: 8 days.
Guest_5771: thank you
Guest_1907: I kind of like Clarissa white
Guest_1920: Where 2 find clarissa white, and did it work fast?
Guest_1907: and yes, my spell worked in a matter of days
Guest_1920: Thanks
Guest_1227: I got some results from sapphire today my husband is nicer than ever been. and we have been so happy. she is great thank you sapphrie
Guest_2643: I am happy to have found a real love spell...
Guest_1595: Not having good results from maybe a scam? it's been 7 months, no results, and telling me it's my fault.
Guest_2497: I am reportin results from clarissa white. she been helping me for a few days but I'm already starting to see changes.
Guest_5584: I like sapphire - she always been good to me and always got fast results especially on love related spells
Guest_5404: RESULTS FROM SAPPhiRE KRIDELL TODAy FOR MY LOVE SPELL!! Thank you. Took me 8 days to see changes.
Guest_9983: Thanks candace and everyone
Guest_6812: 7 witches is a scam
Guest_7757: I am always using sapphire now, she has been the best for me.
Guest_2225: is her site?
Guest_7757: Yes.
Guest_2593: Just got scammed by I'm so sad =(
Guest_6080: I have had a lot of bad experiences, but Angelica sanders from has always been good to me and it's always worked with her.
Guest_7467: God thank you so much guys
Guest_4574: +1 for
Guest_9295: Candace do you know if black lotus rituals is a scam?
Candace Lightheart: has had some scam reports it looks like here before.
Guest_9295: Thank you


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