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How to cast professional wiccan spells yourself

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Stop getting Scammed!


Hi, My name is Candace Lightheart.  I am not a spell caster. I am a wiccan however, and I believe in what goes around comes around! I am going to make it my SOLE DUTY to find REAL ANSWERS for people who need help. No more bull shit, and no more scam artists! Let us start VERIFYING who is real shall we? I will post all my spell book spells and everything that I know, in addition to helping guide people to real solutions.  

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Learn how to cast your own spells

The purpose of is to propel your own interests in witchcraft and spell casting. Here you will find loads of complimentary spells you can do, easily, from the comfort of your own home. This was a commercial spellbook which is being released for FREE to you!  Enjoy the professional grade spells in your house today! It's important to learn the truth in FREE magick and also how to find a good professional if you really need one without getting scammed. Scammers are everywhre, and it's tough out there. Ask us if you think it might be a scam.

Wiccan away, new and introductory spell casters welcome!

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Live Magick Chat!

Guest_3993: I will never use after seeing what they did to my friend.
Guest_3993: They made my friend's marriage way worse
Guest_3865: Thanks every1
Guest_4348: Anyone can verify that is real?
Guest_6623: I have gotten some really good results from her for a binding spell. My man and I are inseparable =-]
Guest_6639: Best 2 stick with someone that works.
Guest_8362: Sapphire is the real deal - only caster that I trust. she has helped me with a number of things, used her for years. that's whoi suggest
Candace Lightheart: Thank you for all the reviews everyone.
Guest_3666: You are the bomb clarissa!
Candace Lightheart: Thank you !!
Guest_6265: Sapphire. she is my preferred caster
Guest_1122: She is a good caster, I like Sapphire. Always friendly, very good prices. fast results. Honestly what more could you want when it comes to a spell caster or psychic. She does psychic readings but you have to be a customer first. I use her now for everything.
Guest_2711: Steer clear of the 7 witches coven, scammers
Guest_2711: scam me
Guest_9092: the site is a complete crock. total scam.
Guest_5858: DANG this site saved me from a lot of heartache!
Guest_3726: Psychic athena took all my money and ran with it, never to reply to me again. never trust or use
Guest_5211: Yeaaa this was pretty great guidance =) thx!!
Guest_2126: I too got scammed by the website.
Guest_9964: I'm glad I read about this athena before buying her dumb spell. I read she don't even reply to you after you pay her!!
Guest_2370: big time scam, didn't do me right one bit!!!
Guest_2370: now they won't refund me
Guest_7735: = SCAM SCAMS CAM!
Guest_4920: I got good results, about 4 days into a spell with angelica sanders (
Guest_9640: still scamming people.
Guest_7873: Sapphire kridell has been the best spell caster I have used, at least for a love spell, I haven't tried her for anything else.
Guest_5532: ???
Guest_7873: Correct
Guest_7165: So you are all saying that Angelica Sanders is real? I read multiple people have got results within a week from angelica sanders and her coven ( Is this true? is she a real love spell caster I can trust?
Candace Lightheart: I have personally vetted Angelica, and got really great results on the 9th day of casting. And yes, several people post here each month with results from angelica sanders. She is a real love spell caster, yes, and she's affordable too.
Guest_7165: Thank you Candace you are a life saver!
Candace Lightheart: of course!
Guest_8369: You are so great for doing this candace.
Guest_3405: Absolute awesome results today from the site, I was communicating with sapphire hereself, but I know she has a full coven so that was cool. I would def use her again. Fast results. Binding spell seems to be working too.
Guest_2057: I wouldn't have been able to do this without Sapphire. Calling her a Godsend is accurate. She totally saved me and fixed things between us before it was too late.
Guest_2605: sapphire was unbelievably fast.
Guest_8196: Thanks guys. but avoid 7 witches coven like the plague.
Guest_8196: is a scam
Guest_8020: thank god i find this site first. I almost paid 7 witches coven jst now. Glad i found out they are scammers first!
Guest_5992: are a scam?
Guest_3741: Yes. they scammed me real good.
Guest_7629: So black lotus rituals is not real, they are a scam?
Guest_6922: Correct. They scammed me too.
Guest_7629: So who is real then? Who can I trust to do a real love spell without scamming me?
Guest_7629: I see that sapphire kridell is having good results.
Guest_7629: What is sapphire kridell's website?
Candace Lightheart: Sapphire can be found at I have personally vetted her and gotten results myself, as well as seeing hundreds of others report results, usually within a matter of days or a week ish, on some pretty hard spells, for years. She's the real deal and can be trusted.
Guest_9825: You are awesome candace lighthart! Thank you!
Guest_2047: reporting the scam site
Guest_3283: ibrahim scam me too
Guest_3548: Can anyone validate Clarissa White from ???? anyone used her ever for any love spells?
Guest_3951: I have, I got love spell results from clarissa after about 11 days. She is a very kind caster. Kept me updated too. was very happy with her service. If I ever need another spell, I will go back to her. However, I haven't needed anything else since the last time I used her which was like a year ago.
Guest_3548: Does she still do spells for people? Do you think she will take my case?
Guest_3951: I'm not sure if she will take your case, as I can't decide that for her, but I know we still stay in touch and email periodically, so she's definitely responsive. you can get to her at and you can submit a consultation request
Guest_3548: Thanks
Guest_1548: Reporting my results for sapphire, I hired her 6 days ago after finding this site. : ) Great choice guys thank you
Guest_3048: is a love spell scam. They don't do no love spell and only ask you to pay thousands of dollars after the first payment is made. do not trust them !!
Guest_1310: They are one of the bigger scams I think, the people.
Guest_9348: I need so bad a real love spell caster I cannot get scammed anymore. Anyone have any suggestions?
Guest_2500: Try sapphire kridell is a really good spell caster, especially when it comes to love spells!
Guest_9348: How fast will I get results?
Guest_2500: Obviously each case is probably diff. But I got results before the first week was over.
Guest_6310: Can you confirm Angelica sanders is real?
Guest_9172: I got results within a few days on one spell with angelica and a spell I got for a more complicated love / divorce issue, was able to get resolved after about 2 weeks. She is a very professional caster I like her
Guest_6462: I've also seen results from a number of spells I got from Angelica. She is the real deal.
Candace Lightheart: I can verify is a legitimate spell caster. She specializes in love spells.
Candace Lightheart: *Sorry correction: she specializes in love spells and break up spells, and all types of love-reunite type of spells (return ex, etc). a Love spell / situation specialist.
Guest_4049: You are aa real life saver for me candace. Thanks for your guidance
Guest_4049: oops. I mean you are a lifesaver, thank you
Guest_6659: i can't say I have had a real caster until i finally decided to try Angelica She's the only real caster I have found so far.
Guest_6659: Just so it helps anyone else I did get results from a love spell by Angelica, and it was on day 12.
Guest_5897: Sapphire's spells always work for me.
Guest_6998: Does 7 witches coven work? are they real or a scam? Anyone know?
Guest_6998: Nevermind I just read they are a scam.
Guest_6998: I am going to try
Guest_3563: You will like Angelica, she is very good at what she does.
Guest_6333: You da bomb for giving us this site to review the real casters candace!
Guest_5591: Please tell me who is a real caster I can trust. I am sick of getting scammed. I already tried 7witchescoven who scammed me miserably. I also tried and they scammed me too!!!!
Guest_4480: You can trust angelica, she is legit.
Guest_4480: Yes. is correct. she gets results really fast every time, just like other people report, I also had results about a week after i hired her.
Guest_5929: who did you use?
Guest_2416: THANK YOU I contacted her she is going to help me!
Guest_9356: I can very clearly say = scam now that they scammed me.
Guest_7499: I had results from sapphire's spell yesterday. Took 5 days.
Guest_5752: thanks you
Guest_5752: is for real? or is they a scam?
Guest_7529: 100 percent a scam. Abi is not a real spell caster or psychic and scammed me out of a lot. no results, 1 + year later.
Guest_8509: Psychic abi scammed me, She isn't legit at all.
Guest_1284: Yes. can't be trusted, I used her, she led me on completely I'm so sad, I lost so much time, could have used someone real
Guest_7131: was a scam, scammed me out of a lot.
Guest_7131: I also want to report Psychic Ginger as a scam (
Guest_2382: I know for sure is a scam too
Guest_3498: You guys are right also scammed me.
Guest_6251: I am about to hire angelica sanders I will report back after I know for sure.
Guest_6251: Yes, that's her.
Candace Lightheart: Angelica is one of the good casters, I have gotten results from her for several spells. Many people post positive results from angelica's spells
Guest_2888: I have got REALLY GOOD RESULTS FROM ANGELICA. She has been really helpful throughout my life.
Guest_7297: Yea, +1 for angelica, she's the best caster I know.
Guest_2272: How to get to angelica?
Guest_2272: Oh nevermind I see her site. and I got her email too. Thank you. right?
Guest_2888: Right.
Guest_2272: I will hire her : )
Guest_3740: I can also attest to sapphire kridell work, someone was asking about her. is real, she is a real caster and got me results in about a week on what I would personally call a really difficult situation. so if she could help me I am sure wshe can help you guest 2272
Guest_2905: I know this psychic abi is a scammer and I fear she may be working with
Guest_5772: They are totally different scammers (psychic abi and 7 witches coven)
Guest_4515: I always trust sapphire, I haven't needed a spell in a long time but sapphire is a good one to trust, her spells are permanent.
Guest_3082: I am so glad to have found this site. can anyone tell me if or is real?
Guest_1994: Both chief daggo and Merujha spell are scammers. avoid them like the plague
Guest_8720: i am so grateful to find this site before paying ashra. she is obviously a scam
Guest_4291: Well, I tried Angelicsanders spells and got results and it was so fast I have never tried anyone else. She can do any spell of any kind.
Candace Lightheart: is one of the most recommended casters and best reviewed casters I have seen here and also personally tried with results that were quite fast, I do recommend her myself.
Guest_8744: Yea, she is the best one.
Guest_7180: I also really really liked angelica and had nothing but fast results from her for any spell I hired her for. I've been with her for about 2 years now.
Guest_3385: Is Chief Kolongwe a good spell caster? Is he real? or what?
Guest_3390: Chief Kolongwe seems to be a scam unfortunately.
Guest_3390: Chief Kolongwe scammed me and never got me results
Guest_8728: I can't believe this I got scammed by the 7 witches coven.
Guest_8728: Now I have to wait an entire month before I can try someone legit
Guest_4284: I just use she is the one that I felt was real and she was also the only one to get me any results.
Guest_2178: Thanks guys
Guest_8880: Sapphire has ALWAYS got results for me. I have never left her since...I been using her since 2014 I think
Guest_6707: Your'e so good for doing this for us Candace. thanks. you dont' get enough credit for the help. this guidance is invaluable
Guest_9240: We got some seriously good results from a spell cast by angelica sanders. (
Guest_9240: Love spell results* sorry
Guest_9240: I didn't think my husband and I was ever going to be right again, but we are really happy. she is a real caster and a miracle.
Guest_4864: I like sasha londons
Guest_7947: what's her website
Candace Lightheart: Sasha is at
Guest_1080: thanks candace!
Guest_8621: Can anyone tell me about
Guest_8621: Crap. I just read that 7 witches coven is a scam. Great. I just paid them a LOT of money!!!!!
Guest_4455: They are a very big scam unfortunately also scammed me (7 witches coven)
Guest_1989: I just like sticking with someone I can trust. I haven't left Sapphire in years. She always gets the results I need and has never led me on
Guest_6097: +1 for I like that caster
Guest_1542: I'm going to try and get on her schedule this weekend maybe
Guest_9159: Does anyone know if is real?
Guest_9159: is a scam?
Guest_1099: is a scam, they never replied after I paid them.
Guest_1731: I have tried probably a dozen different casters and the only witch that could get me any results at all was clarissa white.
Guest_5522: What is clarissa's email?
Guest_1731: You can get to her at


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